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To Kill A Mockingbird meets The Secret Life of Bees


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"Lisa Belmont transports her readers to the Deep South of the 1940s with her spectacular descriptions, lively and spot-on dialogue, and characters that could only exist in that time and place. This compelling story will keep readers riveted as young Chloe navigates a morass of fear, superstition, and racism to become a young woman who must face the most difficult choices. Don’t miss this beautiful, memorable story."

Rosi Hollinbeck, Manhattan Book Review

“Belmont is clearly knowledgeable about her setting, and her strong prose vividly describes the rural atmosphere, with references to ceaseless humidity, veneration of Confederate-era ancestors, and local folk songs…the novel’s resolution is largely satisfying.” – Kirkus Reviews

"This is a riveting tale with many twists and turns…friendships will be betrayed, secrets will be exposed. I loved every moment of the story, and I couldn’t have hoped for a better ending." 5/5 Star Review - Esther Wairimu, San Francisco Book Review

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